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Why Fun Motion Skill

According to Titleist Performance Institute(TPI), most experts

sources prove that a child who develops a better base of

fundamental movement skill will develop golf-skills at a

faster rate and will peak at a higher level of expertise.​

Our Fun Motion Skill(FMS) is largely based on fundamental 

movement skill that developed by TPI, while our TPI certified

junior coach modified and developed FMS that fits our program characteristics and juniors' level and age.

Basically, FMS is a group of fun activities that includes agility, flexibility, upper&lower body strength, core strength, balance,

speed, change of direction and disassociation that are also

related to daily lesson topics.

We believe our FMS can help juniors improve their golf performance while having fun during classes. Therefore, it is an integral part that parents support the idea and juniors participate the program actively.

Lastly, the following video will help you understand how it works in general.

Activity Examples 

Obstacle course

These are activities of walking and running circuit with 

obstacles or equipment which must be traveled over, under,

around or along. We like to use tools like the crawling tunnel and balance beam for a good challenge. The activity will be timed

Basic - Crawling through tunnel, forward walking

on beam, Airex balance beam​

Intermediate - Crawling forward and backward through

tunnel, 2-3 balance pods, forward and sideways walking

on balance beam

Advanced - Add larger strides, backward walking on beam,

speed and multi-directional control

Tug of war

This is as easy as it sounds while helping juniors develop better nervous system control of muscles and build a good

foundation for future strength training.