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What to test

We believe a well-programmed golf lesson should have a

positive influence on juniors’ performance and at the same

time it is critical to evaluate it in a measurable and accessible manner. The following criteria were carefully developed based

on our lesson contents.

Test Criteria


1. L2L Golf Swing System

    (0~50 points)

① Set-up ‘Y’

② Backswing ‘L’

③ Forwardswing ‘L’

④ Tippy toe finish

⑤ Hold finish 

 2. Chang Chip

    (0~50 points)

① Set-up 'Y'

② Body alignment

③ Bend over from hips

④ Shoulders rocking

⑤ Head down

 3. Putting Technique

     (0~50 points)

① Set-up 'Y'

② Body alignment

③ Bend over from hips

④ Shoulders rocking

⑤ Head down

4. Attitude & Manner

    (0~25 points

① Enthusiasm

② Etiquette

③ Respect

④ Safety

⑤ Fun

How to test

Signature Golf Skill-based Criteria consist of qualitative test for the fundamentals and quantitative test for the performance. Also, an attitude & manner criterion is highly related to everyday class participation, such as attendance, homework, attire,

reward stickers, etc.

When to test

Every 4th week of the lesson in each month is

a performance day when juniors can show their

performance. Monthly performance tracking with

coach comments will help

juniors improve their performance as well as motivating

themselves through goal-setting.

New juniors should take their placement tests

on the performance day for the following month registration.

Level Classification

We classified juniors into 5 levels based on the

performance test. Currently our group lesson covers from


All juniors who successfully complete each level will receive a certificate of achievement.

ROOKIE 1 with khaki cap

Introducing the game of golf and basic movement and skills for juniors who are first golfers. They will learn the basic of the golf swing such as set-up, posture, stance, alignment, grip and so on.  

They become ROOKIE 2 when they understand the basic

fundamentals of the golf swing.

ROOKIE 2 with khaki cap

Will continue to learn the swing and putting, moreover,

introducing chipping. This stage is typically the longest stage

juniors will stay in and for any golfers, short game is the

hardest part of the game.

They become PLAYER when they pass the performance test. Also,

they should be able to distinguish the difference between a pitch

and a chip and when to use it on the course. Besides, juniors

should be able to hit off the turf without a tee.

PLAYER with white cap

Getting ready for playing on the course. They are able to manage

on-course experience for at least 3 holes with advanced movement and skills. 

They become CHAMPION when they are able to pass the performance test which may prove their on-course performance.

CHAMPION with blue cap

Introducing bunker play and specialty shots. This level should

focus more on the course and using what you have learned in

previous levels.

They become MASTER when they understand when and where to use the specialty shots. Also, they are able to pass the performance test which may prove their tournament-ready performance.

MASTER with black cap

Introducing tournament play. During this level we will

help juniors build up confidence and in-depth knowledge

about the rules of golf and the proper manners.