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L2L Golf Swing System

The system focuses on the controllable 2 positions

in swing mode: 1) where you start your down swing,

and 2) where you finish to improve ballstriking.

Specifically, forming backswing L and forwardswing L

is key in L2L Golf Swing System.

Understanding this system starts from changing common

swing thoughts.

① Hitting the ball Swinging the club

② Impact zone Backswing & forwardswing

③ Head down Steady center

④ Arm work Wrist work  

The following steps are how to practice L2L Golf Swing.

① Forming backswing L and forwardswing L

② Sweeping to grass

③ Holding your finish

④ Let the ball in the path of the swing

Mostly, you will experience 5 ball results and causes.

① Hit it fat

Lack of constant grip pressure and/or not pivoting up

② Top it or hit it thin

Lack of constant grip pressure and/or not pivoting up

③ Hit it right

Not rolling your wrist soon enough

④ Hit it left

Rolling your wrists too early

⑤ Shank/the hosel hit

The club moving ¾ inch forward

As warm-up and practice routines, 50/50 swing routine is an essential part in this system. It stands for swinging 50% using L to L for 50 yards and helps to maintain the speed of your swing tempo. Therefore, it is critical to find out what club(usually one of your wedges) is your 50/50 club so that you can control your tempo on a daily basis.

Chang Chip

Chang Chip combines putting with chipping, that is

modified from short game guru Phil Rogers technique.

The key in this technique is less air time with more roll

time while learning one swing to use a number

of different clubs to do the same.

Here is how to practice Chang Chip

① Take your putting stance, grip & posture with your

    7 or 9 iron

② Have the shaft of the club and your forearms form

    a straight line

③ Close the face a couple of degrees do to the club

    being toe down

④ Aim the ball towards the toe of the club

⑤ Proceed to stroke the club as if it were your putter

Putting Technique

There are 3 important aspects in terms of making every single putt.

Aspect 1 - Good mechanics

① Head and knees stay still by keeping your head down

    and listening for the ball to drop.

② The distance the putter goes back is the same

    distance going through.

③ The speed that you go back is the same speed you go


④ Maintain constant grip pressure.

Aspect 2 - Feel for distance

It is key to practice “Look up the hole, stroke the putter

and roll the ball to the hole”  

Take your putting stance and set up to the golf ball.

Look up at the hole you are putting at and pretend you have

that ball in your hands and you are going to roll it to the hole.

Aspect 3 - Seeing a line or direction

Visualizing a line to the target is the next step. Drills to

train your eyes to visualize a straight line a couple feet

behind your ball and a couple feet in front of your ball