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Randy Chang Junior Golf School has offered group lesson

for juniors in Temecula area since 2010.

In 2014, we renewed our program in order to more satisfy

our valued customers and solidify our competitiveness

in the market.

The key of program renewal is to offer a well-rounded

golf education system which is completed by following 3

core elements of place, program and personnel.

Place: The quality of practice facility

Program: Skill factor + Fun factor + Story factor

Personnel: The quality of teaching professionals

World-class Facility

A practice facility is where juniors experience the game of golf. Therefore, it is imperative to provide them high-quality facility

to achieve real-game-like practice.

Golf school facility Learn more

Innovative Program

In our program, skill factor is based on signature golf skills that are created by Randy Chang, PGA Director of Instruction. Our signature golf skills enable juniors to improve their golf performance in an easy & effective way thanks to its simplicity. Also, they work perfectly regardless of age and level of juniors. 

L2L Golf Swing System Learn More

Chang Chip Learn more

Putting Technique Learn more

We believe the performance of juniors should be measurable

and achievable in order to get them more involved. This is why

we specified a performance test method.

Performance tracking Learn more

Secondly, fun factor is based on Fun Motion Skill that is modified from the program of Titleist Performance Institute(TPI). Our Fun Motion Skill highlights not only the importance of fun element during the class to motivate juniors but also learning fundamentals to improve golf performance.

Story factor is all about golf rules, manners and history. This helps juniors better understand the game of golf as well as building sound personality.

Professional Coaches

We recognize the importance who should teach our juniors. It is our top priority to hire educated and experienced Junior Coaches to deliver our innovative program. That is why we take it seriously to interview, train and retain coaches.

Coaching staff Learn more